I really wish that NZ's Green party would strike a blow against US corporate corruption & political interference by refusing to use that digital blight, NationBuilder, for all of its political communication activities. Their continued use of it makes them hard to support - it makes them just the same as all the other ethically compromised parties in NZ (i.e. all of them).


@lightweight Yes, their use of NB, zoom, google, blackbaud etc is not aligned with their own policy in this area (replace Gov with Party):

"⋯ should encourage development, maintenance, and ownership of ICT systems by New Zealand companies.
⋯procurement should support locally developed software with consideration to the wider economic benefits to the New Zealand ICT sector.
⋯should encourage the use of Free and Open Source Software


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@bigblen @lightweight ... although reading their 'policy' it's clear they show a very odd understanding understanding of what FOSS is. So on that point they may not even be aware of what they're doing.

@duncan_lithgow @bigblen yes, I have a bit of understanding of that situation - Labour (when Claire Curran was still involved) has a similarly strange position, mostly because they took recommendations I made to them and had their policy wonks (with 0 understanding of IT) 'dress them up' a bit. Looks like what happened there, too.

@bigblen @lightweight Policy for govt and internal IT policy for a small non-profit volunteer org can be different.

The Green Party are interested in these things:



...so they go to great pains to ensure involvement of minorities, offset their flights, consensus, inclusive policy dev process, etc etc. They're a political party, not an IT company.

Even so, you won't find a more FOSS-friendly policy among a 5+% party.

@rimu @bigblen the way I see it is that it only takes one or two people to revolutionise tech within an organisation, and only one org doing it to demonstrate to everyone that a) it's possible and it works bloody brilliantly, and b) that everyone else is unwittingly creating existential risks for themselves and ceding their organisational sovereignty (and in the case of gov'ts, *national sovereignty*).

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