Why does every region in Aotearoa spend money maintaining its own bus timetable website, apps etc? Wouldn't it make more sense to have one site that provides timetables and other public transport info for the whole country, publishing open data feeds that can be picked up and displayed by any public transport apps?

@strypey TBH I'm kind of ok with that as it prevents a monoculture...
For sure lets agree on a standard interoperable API but from an employment/innovation/growth perspective the more players in the game the better. Keeps development and coding in country rather than sending public funds overseas to some faceless US multinational.

@carl_klitscher @strypey AFAICS many (all?) of the NZ bus systems provide real time route data that can be used by 3rd parties. See e.g. transitapp.com/ most likely in google transit format developers.google.com/transit/

@bigblen @carl_klitscher @strypey Looks like GTFS is an open standard, which is how these things should be handled. Diverse info sources, common open standards.

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