How to use data.table in R : a basic tutorial, hope you find it useful. More here:

@lightweight can you check if Medium likes are still showing up on my timeline and can you still get to see it? Sorry and apologies for this inadvertent error. Took me some time to troubleshoot, and stil do not know if it has worked.

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Things are by now really getting bad. A Marlborough farm had to close down salmon farming because of warming water in Pelorous Sound. Then the nitrogen issue in Canterbury plains.
Your satellite picture is excellent!

A perfect cloud frame for the South Island. Way too much algae blooming from the Nitrogen runoff in Canterbury. 😬 (MODIS Terra 29-May-2022)

Yesterday installed Salix OS on my old Atom Acer Aspire one d257. With 1gb ram, and midori for web browser, the thing is now a nice workable machine. Mighty like slackware and salix for that matter.

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