Recommended read on “I think the real reason is that Apple sells user-experience, while Google sells ads.”

Recommended read on “I think the real reason is that Apple sells user-experience, while Google sells ads.”

Recommended read on “Just one comment.”

Recommended read on “Just one comment.”

As hundred-billionaires seek eternal life while relatives & Mother Earth burns around them, remember the demigod Maui was crushed between her thighs while attempting to steal immortality from her womb. Happy #MothersDay

To anyone else in the immersive web space who's gotten curious about the Fediverse after joining Mastodon, I'd encourage you to check out what the folks are doing over at Immers Space ( @webxr

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Extreme and prolonged heat in Pakistan has helped trigger a Glacial Lake Outburst Flood with catastrophic consequences.

Sadly, there could be more to come. Temperatures will inevitably surpass the 50°C mark in the coming days as the heat intensifies in Southern Asia.

@aflyingpumpkin The one I was thinking of was 'The Energy Consumption of Blockchain Technology: Beyond Myth', published in the journal Business & Information Systems Engineering, in 2020:

Omicron is as deadly as previous strains according to this research.

Rave of fediverse alert! 

My one week of playing in the #fediverse seriously since giving up (practically) on #birdsite, I realised how diverse, rich, and engaging a social medium can be if you federate it. Comparing this with any other form where the network topology may be complex and dense, but regardless of whether they are central (e.g., Facebook/Twitter), or decentralised (P2P say Aether/SSB protocols/Peepeth), it is that, federation makes a big difference in the diversity and richness of experience. The fact that you can draw in #pixelfed, #peertube, #bookwyrm, AND #mastodon #pleroma #misskey all in the same feed makes for an amazingly rich experience. It is also intuitive to create communities with . Mind blowingly good. PLUS, yes, there are users here. A lot more interactive than any other site.

Fediverse rave! 

It took me 33 thousand tweets over 15 years and ~5000 following others in Twitter to have about 1800 "followers"; and about 20 of them do really "interact" with me, that too, not regularly. Everyone is busy pushing their own thoughts on the #birdsite. Contrast, in #mastodon, I spent an irregular four years, and lately about a week. The interactivity and level of conversation is so rich that I cannot even compare my experience in #birdsite anymore.
#fediverse is WAY AHEAD of any other social media experience. You have to be in here to experience the richness!

Twitter newcomers.. if you want to share a toot you find in your timeline with your followers, then a boost is the only way to do so. Unlike twitter which want to show everyone what you Like, a like (or favourite) on the #Fediverse is more personal.

Use Likes as acknowledgment, token of appreciation, sign of agreement, or just to store in your favourites list. It is your interpretation and personal expression.

Use Boost to spread stuff around, encourage discussions, share delightful content.

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