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Running out of sauerkraut so raided the garden, weeds & all for something to replace it with. More like Kim Chee but I will be interested to see if it lets enough moisture & what sort of flavour it will have. Love new experiments on an ancient theme. That filled today.

Finished off making my husbands final home brew batch into very nice rich vinegar a few months back. Today I managed to clear out all those bottles of wine with 1 glass out that had been designated 'cooking', the carton that someone gave me that I didn't like, put it all in my large crock jar & gave it a nice plump wee mother to nurture it. Wine vinegar here we come. Gotta love home made.

Citrus skins are not good in worm farms or compost but they make great bug deterrent used like a top dressing under plants & trees.

Low tech solution: My Covid-19 Diary; as my Phone doesn't work. If like me you mostly come in contact with others during shopping just ask for & keep every till receipt. It has time date & often the worker's name. An incense holder & a kebab stick is all you need to keep them in order. Nice & quick to check.

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That would immediately discount most of Nationals, ACT's and NZFirst's policies, and even some of Labour's. We need to call BS loud & clear on any policy that hinges on the idea that, if you're already wealthy, your increasing wealth somehow benefits society. We need far greater economic equity in our society. Tax the hell out of the mega-rich.

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My nature is to expect the worst, prepare for it, then have a big celebration when it doesn't happen. That is why I am slowly acclimatising myself (I have COPD) to wearing an N95 mask. I could only manage 10mins in the beginning before panic like breathlessness set in. I am now up to 30mins & it is getting easier. I shall prevail.

Has anyone else read Lincoln Child's book 'Death Match' about self- aware A.I.? Good yarn, well written; but I don't have the tech know-how to know if the concept stands up.

An outdoor work day using the best tool ever invented & Kiwi as.

Are NZ 16 yr olds in some way inferior to those from Nicaragua, Scotland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Cuba, Brazil, and Austria, where the voting age is 16 years?

For those who live alone.
Mulled Wine for one. In a Pyrex jug, 1 cup red wine 3 cloves 1 cinnamon quill 1/2tsp ginger 3 slices of mandarin or orange 1 heaped tsp honey. Microwave on beverage. Enjoy.--- Added thought for those who don't drink wine & would still like a hot spicy Winter drink. Replace the wine with Blackcurrant or Cranberry juice.

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It isn't isolation, it is incarceration. People could isolate in their own homes to reduce cost. Incarceration looks after us the team of 5mill so we pay. tinyurl.com/y2wkll97

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